The electricity market in Bulgaria is in the process of gradual liberalization, which started in 2004 and continues today. The market consists of two parts – a segment with regulated prices and a segment wit freely negotiated prices or the so called “open market”.

Prices in the regulated segment are set by the regulator; consumers are served by end suppliers on a territorial basis and are not obliged to change their electricity supplier. At present, this segment includes domestic consumers and business customers, connected to the low voltage distribution network.

Customers in the free segment can change their electricity supplier regardless of their geographical location. They continue to pay the prices for transmission and access to the network that they are connected to.

For a long time the main players in the open market have been big manufacturers like NPP "Kozloduy" and "Maritza Iztok 2", NEC, large energy consumers and Bulgarian and foreign traders. In 2013 began an active migration of customers, connected to the distribution network medium voltage (6-20 kV), from the regulated to the open market segment.

As of August 1, 2013 customers who have not chosen a supplier of electricity are supplied by the geographical service provider, called “supplier of last resort”, but at higher than market prices.

Business consumers of "low voltage" can still buy electricity at regulated prices that are higher than those that can be negotiated on the open market.

The act of entering the open market leads to a reduction on energy costs for the consumer and does not carry the risks, associated with additional financial costs or security of supply. 

Your respective distribution company will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure and quality of electricity, regardless of who is your retailer on the open market, and you will continue to pay regulated prices for "access" and "transmission ".

Participation in the open market requires registration of the business entity in TSO, if it is connected to the transfer network or in the respective distribution company, if connected to any of the distribution networks.

Participation in the open market also requires preparation of hourly forecasts for consumption. These predictions can be made from both the customer and his supplier.

Scheme of the market


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