ENERGEO is licensed trader of electrical power and coordinator of a standard and combined balancing group for the territory of Bulgaria. ENERGEO offers customized solutions in the areas of energy consumption, energy management and engineering services, entirely consistent with the needs of each client.


As part of the GEOTECHMIN group, the company relies on its strategy and policy of sustainable development and affirmation on the electricity market in the country, fully complying with the requirements and regulations of the liberalized electricity market in Bulgaria.

With Decision № L - 382 / 02.04.2012., by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (DKEVR) the company is licensed for "electricity trading" for a period of 10 years. The license was obtained on the basis of Art. 39, para. 1, p. 5 of the Energy Act.

According to Decision № IL - 382 / 03.09.2012,the company has the right to exercise the activity "standard balancing group coordinator".

According to Decision № I2L - 382 / 20.04.2016,the company has the right to exercise the activity "combined balancing group coordinator".

Priority of Energeo is to build open, fair and lasting partnerships. For this purpose we carefully choose partners who share similar values.

Clients of Energeo are the companies in the extraction industries as well as infrastructure development, and the majority of them are leading companies in their sectors. We partner successfully with one of the largest electricity trading companies on the Bulgarian market. We collaborate with partners in the field of energy management and consulting services.

For more information please download our presentation.

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