Which consumers can enter the open market?

Currently the open market can enter consumers at high and medium voltage, as well as low voltage, who have installed capacity over 100 kW. Since the beginning of April 2016 are introduced the so-called "Standardized load profiles”, which allow all customers at low voltage, who have installed capacity under 100 kW, including households, to choose their electricity provider.

What are the advantages for customers from the free electricity market?

The competitive environment for electricity trade reduces the price of electricity and increase the quality of the service. Customers have the option to choose their supplier and to negotiate the terms of the contract and billing, as well as additional services related to the provision of power.

Am I required you to register on the open market?

No, you are not required.
As of August 1, 2013 all users of the "MV" can enter the open market. Until doing so, consumers will be supplied by a Supplier of last resort at prices that are significantly higher than the freely negotiated prices. Business consumers "low voltage" can still buy electricity at regulated prices that are also higher than those that can be negotiated on the open market. The advantage to all customers is the opportunity to negotiate a lower price and get better service.

Are there risks from entering the open market?

No, there are no risks. The liberalization of the electricity market is an irreversible process that follows the directives of the EU and Bulgaria, as a member state, will carry it out to the end.

How does the open market of electricity work?

Customers can choose their electricity trader, but not their network operator. The distribution network is owned by the distribution companies (CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD, EVN Electricity PLC, Energo-Pro Grid), which remain responsible for the quality of supply and network maintenance. By entering open market, the customer enters into two contracts – one with his retailer/trader and one with the distribution company. At the end of each month the client receives two invoices: - one from the trader for the consumed active energy, excise and price "obligations to society", and one from the distribution company for transmission and access to the network.
Upon request, Energeo can issue a single invoice, including both the cost of electricity and the cost of network services - "access" and "transmission".

How to register on the open market?

Energeo conducts the registration of its customers for free.

For this purpose it is necessary to issue a notarized power of attorney form. Depending on the requirements of the respective distribution company, some additional documents may be required. Currently, the registration on the open market takes about 1.5 - 2 months. Customers with outstanding liabilities to their current supplier cannot be registered. The same applies to subsequent switching of suppliers.

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