ENERGEO carries out thermographic surveys by the method of infrared thermography. This is a method for the visualization of a certain object by the infrared rays which it emits. Using a thermographic camera these rays can be captured and reproduced in the form of thermographic images or video. The resulting information can be used to analyze the real state of the objects. The method allows the detection various defects in the equipment without direct contact with the object.

The applications of infrared thermography include:

  • Maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment
  • Electro-thermography
  • Detection of hidden leaks in plumbing and heating systems
  • Various applications in construction

What are the advantages of thermographic analysis?

  • Audits are conducted under actual load of the system and provide objective information about the current technical condition of the equipment
  • The audits are conducted without disconnection and disruption of the normal operational process
  • Determine the parameters for the required repairs
  • By re-inspection and comparison after repairs the data can objectively show the quality of the maintenance
  • Diminishing of operational costs, improvement of the equipment maintenance system and optimization of asset management – betterment of the availability and reliability of equipment

Our experience:

From 2011 to now ENERGEO engineers have made over 7000 thermographic inspections of facilities located at different sites. Multiple overloads with different levels were found, reported and subsequently removed.

As a result of periodic audits conducted by ENERGEO, each of our clients has accumulated a database on the status of their equipment, which allows an in-depth analysis and close monitoring of the condition of each asset.


Sample thermography report


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